Abatement towers, also known as scrubbers, are simple purification systems, which allow a polluted aeriform flow to be purified through the use of a liquid, usually water or an additive solution.

It has excellent performance and is reliable over time; the scrubber can work without interruption, requiring only sporadic routine maintenance.

The operating principle is essentially based on bringing polluted air into contact with a precise quantity of water so that the pollutants present in the air are transferred to the water.

If gases or fumes are to be abated, once their solubility in the abatement fluid has been assessed, the chamber is implemented with nozzles capable of breaking up the water flow, increasing the fluid surface in contact with the gaseous one.

The advantage of the abatement tower can be summed up in the extreme simplicity of operation and installation and in the versatility of working in symbiosis with other purification systems.


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Fume Abatement Models
Horizontal tower

Fume abatement towers