Deposit Tank with Conic Bottom "DFC"

The set includes a range from 5 m³ to 40 m³. The section is cylindrical vertical rounded at the top with conic bottom supported by steel legs. Capacities and dimensions can be modified on request, using diameters which range from 1.000 mm to 3.000 mm. The accessories placement is made according to customer's need. All tanks are provided with serial number and end-of-maintenance dossier which includes operating and maintenance handbook. All tanks are built in conformity with rule UNI EN 13121-3.


  • Ecology: wastewater treatment and leachate recovery from landfill and composting
  • Chemical industries: basic chemicals, pharmaceuticals, oil-chemicals, transformation, fertilizers, etc.
  • Manufacturing industries: storage of raw materials and auxiliary chemical products, recovery of acid water or other working waste, recovery of hot water, depuration plants, etc.
  • Food industries: food preserves, oil, wine, milk and dairy products, soft drinks.
  • Agriculture: fertilizers, irrigations of fruit production and horticulture, water reservoirs, silos, etc..


High mechanical resistance obtained through filament winding and spray up alternated with mat continuous winding. Chemical-resistant internal barrier obtained through the specific selection of resins and glass in contact with the fluid contained. The outer surface is made with a UV and weather resistant resin. All our tanks are treated with hot air in special furnaces for post-cured.

Winding stage
Glass spreading

Deposit Tank with Conic Bottom "DFC"

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